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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Education is for all

A group of Active Citizens have started teaching the under-privileged children in their communities in Sahiwal. Sounds interesting? It is, indeed. Let's find out more about this project. The Active Citizens group consists of thirteen girls (majority of them are doing Intermediate)who have begun a centre of education for twenty-one children in Sahiwal.

The educational centre is located in Baba Mastiwali Chawk, where these girls have set-up tables, chairs, black boards and books for the children to come and study from. Five out of these thirteen girls are involved in administrating the centre while the rest of the group teaches children whole-heartedly. They aim to impart basic education to these children like learning to write alphabets, their names, short sentences like, "I am a boy", "How are you?", "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", etc.

The girls teach in English and Urdu languages. This group of twenty-one children will study at the centre for five to six months after which new children will be enrolled. The classes are conducted five days a week for two to three hours and weekends are given off. We wish these thirteen girls all the luck in the world. What they are doing is wonderful and noble.

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