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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tipu Sultan School

Narrated by Ms Rizwana Tabassum:

The literacy rate in Sahiwal is lower as compared to other parts of Punjab province. Literacy is the basic and the most important thing which will take the country forward, however, the younger generation –in whose hands lie the future of this country – is deprived of this blessing.

During the Active Citizens workshop, we became aware of this deprivation (it never occurred to us before that many young children are uneducated and that if they are provided with education, it’ll do them and our country good) after we started noticing our vicinities.

It was during the workshop that I conceptualised the idea of having a local school where under-privileged children can be taught so they can render themselves useful for Pakistan.

My group mates agreed with the idea and together, we hired an empty building which we named as “Tipu Sultan School.”

Currently, we have 15 pupils enrolled Tipu Sultan school who are receiving very basic education free of cost. My group mates and I teach the students Urdu and English languages and things like writing their names, alphabets, counting, poetry, greetings etc. We teach them how to sit with elders, how to talk, how to treat visitors at home and to be kind to their younger siblings.
Tipu Sultan School will remain in function for minimum a year’s time

This is our way of helping our Pakistani siblings and in turn doing well for the country.

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