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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ragged School

The project highlights the need of literacy/education within our country since Pakistan has faced set backs in many sectors due to the flood disaster. The project is based on working towards educating the street children or the ones who were not exposed to education due family crisis or disability.

The Active Citizens training aroused a spirit of volunteerism within a group of students to utilize their abilities and sources in educating or cascading the knowledge to the untaught community.

As the outcome of Active Citizens training, the participants are rendering voluntary services in the education sector in terms of time, money and resources. So far, a number of 13 children have been enrolled for the education program initiated by the young Active Citizens.

The students are interested and excited to learn and acquire education since they have never been to school even though they wished to. The keen interest of these children has assured the young Active Citizens of successful results as the project has moved into a different phase.

As an achievement, there will be more learned and educated youth/individuals within our community.

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