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Monday, July 26, 2010

Go making a change Globally!

Do you have the passion to bring a positive change in your communities? Are you a social entrepreneur? A community activist? A volunteer?

If Yes! – how about some further training, newer ideas and meeting a whole lot of like-minded people from around the world?

The Global Change Makers are accepting applications for their Fifth Annual Youth Global Summit from 21-27 November 2010. Its once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all the passionate teenagers (mainly those who’re between 16 to 19 years) to broaden their horizons. If you fit this age bracket, apply for the "Global Change Makers" now!

You’ll get a chance to attend high level events like World Climate Conference, the Clinton Global Initiative University and World Economic Forum events in Davos, Cartagena and other places around the world.

You can apply for the Youth Summit Conference in four easy steps:

1) Register on the Global Change Makers website: .
2) Wait for the activation email which should arrive within seconds of registering.
3) Sign in the website.
4) You’ll find the application – fill in and submit it online!

You stand a great chance to become a Global Change Maker. Don’t miss it!
The last date is:
6th August 2010 – HURRY UP!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

British Council's new Online Newsletter.

Dear All,

No need to hold the Magazine, No need to keep the Copy "Safe n Sound" from Coffee spilling or pages tearing!!!

You can now read the British Council's Newsletter Online!

Yes, just log on to our website and have a go at it...

Follow this link to your online copy : .

You can't lose it now!! :)

Congratulations to all the ACTIVE CITIZENS!!

Dear All Active Citizens,

Congratulations!! Your project, Active Citizens Pakistan, has won a "British Council Staff Award 2010" :)

The British Council Staff Awards are the most prestigious awards of all times. These awards are given to the best project, looking at it from every angel - from the participation of the stakeholders to the Marketing bit of the project. Active Citizens has been able to secure this award mainly, because of the Next Generation Report, a project in which - YOU - the young Pakistani generation has participate with full vigour and enthusiasm.

It’s because of your efforts, your comments and participation that Active Citizens have been given this honour.

I'd like to thank you all for your hard work and support!! The projects that your have started - some are mentioned on this blog too - are simply superb and manifest your love for Pakistan.

Keep up the good work and keep these Social Action Projects running - who knows you might just win another award?! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Active Citizens goes on Off Screen Expedition.

Muhammad Ali Paracha is an Active Citizen from Islamabad, who is now a part of Offscreen Expedition too. The Offscreen Expedition is a project that takes a team of young people from Pakistan on a journey of a lifetime to the UK. The aim of this expedition is to create greater cultural understanding between the youth of Pakistan and the UK through arts.

Ali attended a workshop organised by us (British Council's Active Citizens Programme) back in January 2010 and founded “The Awakening” an organisation that raises awareness about community issues amongst the youth. The workshop involved different activities, lectures, and social interaction with young adults from different localities and schools of thought.

“The Active Citizens programme provided me the platform I had been searching for. I realised that it is we [the youth] who can make the difference, and this difference is my hope for the future”, says Ali manifesting his enthusiasm to bring a change.

We were flooded with applications as soon as we announced the Offscreen Expedition and Ali’s application was amongst the short listed ones. Our interviewers’ got hooked with his passion to serve the local communities immediately, and were pretty impressed with his composition “Duniyadri” that reveals a young person’s fears and confusions about his religion, family and society.

Ali’s efforts paid off when he was selected to join the Off Screen Expedition team to the UK. “This is the platform of learning and education that I had been waiting for. I hope to make the most out of this journey by interacting with artists, musicians and writers, all working for the same cause and the love of humanity.” A very happy and eager Ali expressed before the start of the expedition.

We have selected 5 other young citizens from Karachi and Lahore for the Offscreen Expedition. These youngsters along with youth from Middle East and UK will travel through London, Birmingham and Yorkshire exploring cultures, religions, environment, music and politics.

They will use the latest communications technology to create a visual travelogue of their ‘expedition’, broadcasting their experiences live via satellite to their peers in hundreds of classrooms in their countries.

Sounds interesting?

We’ll hear from Ali soon and he’ll give us an insight to what’s been happening in London so far and how the English are responding.

Till then stay connected to this blog space, but if you’d like learn more about the Offscreen Expedition and read daily updates from the team, please visit: .

Monday, July 12, 2010

Start Commenting People!!

Hello Every body!!

I hope you enjoy reading the heartening stories of Social Action Projects that young people are running.

We'd love to hear your comments on their efforts, your suggestions and your stories....

Also, you can share how you feel for your beloved Motherland, since 14th August isn't very far!!

So start writing and show your support to these industrious youngsters :)

Happy Reading and Writing...