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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Women empowerment through skills and literacy promotion in Quetta

“The fourteen years of education did not bring any breakthrough that a four days training have brought in our life,” says Summaya, a young motivated girl of Amozgah group formed after the training finished. This group is not only registered but also creating basis for further developments. It’s a group of nine young girls who are resident of Hazara community named as Murriabad, one of the most marginalized locations of Quetta in regard security and threat to their identity.

Apparently, this area seems to be one of the potential areas in terms of the facilities provided by the Government and sustained by the community itself but if we analyze the socio economic status of the community, women will be very visibly contributing to the lively hood for the survival of the family. The present situation of the district is lemmatizing the mobility of the men in the city that’s one of the reasons that women have to play her role for the advancement of the family.

“We have taken this step because we felt that it is the need of our community to have such a place where women and girls who cannot afford the expenses of education and any kind of skills can take the free classes without any kind of discrimination,” Summaya said. The group explored a potential place for women education and skill enhancement based on the need assessment of the area. The skills and literacy classes have been going really good with different age groups.

“This SAP increases the literacy rate in our community and it’s also an income generating project for skilled workers. This project also helped us in improving the confidence level in our youth group.” More than two hundred and fifty girls and women have been privileged by organizing skills and literacy classes by a young group of active citizens.

“We trust you because you proved it by renovating our children from ordinary to a responsible person,” a parent said.

The group is looking forward to register Amozgah as an independent organization and explore funding opportunities not only from the donors but also from the community.

The success of this SAP proved that young leaders only require the push of motivation and community actually needs a reason for engagement of the youth in positive activism when the residents of the of the community works for their own people subsequently the result is always outstanding as they are in better position to identify issues of mutual concern as well as the available resources to utilize them for sustainability of the progress.

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