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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Awareness on Child Rights and Child Sexual Abuse by Bright Youth Group Theater Group

It’s been very usual when ever any natural disaster stroked any part of the country. It left irremovable pictures of the horrifying misery same kind of tragedy has been observed during the time when flood hit the most valuable areas of Pakistan. This was not only money-oriented loss but people also experienced mental chaos. In this miserable condition thousand left their and rushed to Quetta for their survival.

A group of youth happened to visit few of the camps established for the flood affecties and witnessed that the kids and children were the most vulnerable group among the residents of the camps. They decided to spend some time interacting with the kids by creating awareness through theater performance.

The Bright Youth Group focused two camps initially and got support from the organizations that were already helping kids and children. The children were high risk as many incidents were witnessed e.g. child abuse with in the camps and abduction of female children. The parents were in traumatic condition particularly and many of them were seriously sick.

The Bright Youth Group have successfully communicated their messages for the protection of the children in the camps focusing more than700 children. They provided them psycho-social support so that the kids and parents not only protect themselves but also play their roles in rehabilitation.

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