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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Educating the Communities

Lalon Kumar Roy is a young Active Citizen from Bangladesh. His Social Action Project (SAP) is about educating his community members. Here's what he has to say about his SAP:

Our Social Action Project (SAP) is based on educating our community people because it is the need of the hour. Our community members are uneducated and ignorant which is why they are unaware of the basic causes of many problems and do not take actions to solve these issues. Educating the younger generation is the only way out of the quagmire we are currently in. We aim to bring a Global Change by educating our community people.

We started our SAP by surveying the number of illiterate people in our local community. After this, we selected a place where we can commence their classes and shortlisted teachers who could teach them. The next task before us was the collection of reading and note books for the new students. We had to arrange for the reading and writing materials ourselves as these people couldn’t afford to purchase the stuff.

We have been teaching 30 community people since then and have noticed a considerable change in their thoughts and knowledge.

Our community members now understand the importance of education, are much aware and alert about their environment, sanitation, early marriage and civil rights. They want their children to go to school and acquire as much education as they can.

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