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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mehak Sewing Centre in Sahiwal

There are many under-privileged families residing in Sahiwal. The females of these families work in homes, often cleaning, cooking and washing for their employers, only to earn a meager amount of money for their livelihoods.

The young girls of these families either have to baby sit their younger siblings or accompany their mothers to work as it isn't safe to leave them home alone. There is hardly any activity for these poor young girls. They spend their time sitting idle, are not educated, and tend to get married at a very early age. Early marriage again pose many problems and contribute to the ever increasing population.

Therefore, to encounter this problem to some extent, a group of Active Citizens have planned to start a sewing centre in Sahiwal. This sewing centre aims to equip the young girls with sewing techniques, so they can contribute in earning livelihoods for their families. Besides, the girls would be engaged in a productive activity which will consume their idle hours efficiently.

There are two to three teachers in the centre who would teach sewing to the young girls. Currently, there are eight girls learning sewing. The Active Citizens plan to continue the badge of eight girls for a period of nine months. After the girls have learned sewing properly, the teachers would release them and assign them sewing tasks so that they can earn a bit of money.

New girls will be enrolled in the sewing centre after every nine months, and the girls from previous badges would chip in help.

The Active Citizens have planned the functioning of their sewing centre in a very systematic way. They are rendering very generous and kind services to their community people, helping their children see a prosperous future.

We wish this group of Active Citizens all the best in their sincere endeavours.

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