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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sanitation and other social problems are being solved in Nepal.

After a group of youth had entered and explained the villagers the concept of ‘one house, one latrine,’54-year-old Hari Ram Chaudhary of Phachakpur, thought of constructing a latrine. So, he joined hands with the youth of the village to participate in building the latrines. In Phachakpur village, the task of building a toilet in every house has been launched as a campaign.

Prem Lal Chaudhary, chairperson of Nawashanti Yuva Club, said the other villagers have started supporting the campaign led by the local youth. Owing to the open defecation by villagers due to lack of latrines in the village, the whole village was suffering from foul stench. Said Chaudhary, ‘newcomers in the village were forced to walk around the village with their noses covered, but after we launched the ‘one house, one latrine’, villagers are scared to defecate in the open. The village has a thick settlement comprising 50 Tharu households. The Tharu youth are becoming aware. The practice of visiting witch doctors whenever anyone suffered from diarrhoea is becoming less and less and the sick are taken to the hospital. The District Drinking Water Division Office has provided rings for toilet construction to 24 households.

Similarly, the youth of Chailahi are preparing to launch a new project to clean their town. Arjun Subedi, a member, said a plan has been devised to encourage the volunteers in Lamahi Bazaar. The youth wants to participate in the sanitation drive in partnership with the government. Reesav Pokhrel, another member of the group, says he wants to work as an associate by making arrangements for dustbins in every locality of the town.

Rajendra Khadka, a resident of Chelahi-9, is involved in conserving the historic temple in his village, Narayanpur. According to him, if the number of tourists to the village could be increased by conserving the temple, the development of village would also take place. He added the number of visitors to the temple has gradually increased. Nepal-British Council and Community Development Forum, Lamahi, have trained more than 300 youth of Dang Deukhuri.

The youth affiliated with the youth clubs running in the seven villages and one municipality of Dang are being developed as conscious citizens through the Conscious Citizen Programme and being involved in the local-level development. Said Madan Adhikari, founder chairperson of Community Development Forum, the youth are actively involved in the village conservation. Trainer Bijay Thapa stated that the youth are proactively involved through community plan of action.

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