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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The video shows young SoL (School of Leadership) volunteers playing with the children who are residing at Razakabad flood relief camp.

The SoL volunteers visit this relief camp every day and spend quality time with the flood victims. The ideology is to work for the “well-being” of the victims. These young people believe that providing meals and shelter isn’t relief exactly. Relief means that we work for the physical and mental contentment of the flood victims. They are battling a calamity therefore, they’re bound to be mentally upset and pessimistic about the situation.

If we spend some quality time with them, play with their kids, educate them, provide their men and women employment opportunities then their agonies could be subdued to some extent.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

AIM's providing flood relief in Pind Dadan Khan

You know the recent floods have played havoc with the country. Numerous villages in Sindh, Khyber Pakhtonwah and Punjab have been flooded, people have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their loved ones and are compelled to take shelter in shabby camps implanted in government schools and colleges. Much to their credits, they aren't provided with all the facilities that one needs to live his life comfortably.

A major problem that's arising after the flood raided many towns and cities is that of stagnant water getting contaminated and viral infections rampantly spreading amongst the victims.

The government, local authorities and various NGOs are sending doctors to encounter the fast-spreading threat, but the help's on a very small scale. Therefore, the youth of the country has once again come into action and are helping the IDPs (Internally Displaced People) to live a healthy life.

You must have read AIM's previous community work stories on this blog, they're an organisation working in Pind Dadan for Women Rights, Women and Children Health and Female Education. Now, they've taken it upon themselves to record the voices and opinions of local people to the authorities and transmit them to the government.

AIM is lead by Ubaid Malik and with five more members of the group, he's trying to bring a change. The group observed those sheltering in the camp, and recorded their voices about the problems they were confronting in the camps, the facilities that were provided to them and what further assistance do they require from the government.

AIM met with the local government and discussed the problems of flood victims with them.

As a result of their efforts following people have been received flood relief items in the following areas:

Ahmadabad - 491 females, 521 males, 730 children.
Kandwal - 124 females, 129 males, 241 children.
Gujjar - 141 females, 219 males, 339 children.

Have a look at Ubaid's efforts: