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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Basic Education for Children in Lahore

Narrated by Aisa Maula:

We are the members of “Enlighten Enfranchise group” and after attending Active Citizens workshop, we decided to spread education amongst the under-privileged children of our community as a Social Action Project.

Many children in our community are uneducated who spend their time playing and running errands for others. Education is very important for such young children as it helps mould their personalities and is a beneficial asset for their bright futures. We want to serve the community by equipping the children with education.

Enlighten Enfranchise group consists of four members and we strongly believe that it’s every child’s right to receive good education. Therefore, we’ve established a school for uneducated children where we teach them the fundamentals of English, Maths and Urdu. We, currently, have 9 students enrolled in our community school, and six months later we’ll recruit new students to teach.

We teach students for three days a week for two hours daily and give them home-work regularly. We try providing these children the syllabi books, pencils and writing note books too.

We are hoping our endeavours will bring a desirable change in our communities soon and more children will be inclined towards receiving education.


  1. We are running a school by the name of Thesfo School System in Akhtar Coloney - Karachi, where we are proving free basic education to 50 children. we have grades Nursery, Grade 1.

  2. It is a very good thing to do that people will give basic education activities to the children in Lahore in order for them to learn and to gain something that might be useful.

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