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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Zahira Health Clinic

Narrated by Zahira Saleem:

There aren’t adequate health facilities available to the people in Sahiwal. The only hospital in Sahiwal is “Civil hospital” but because of the increasing number of patients and deteriorating medical conditions, the sick are often referred to private hospitals in Lahore. Private hospitals are expensive for most of the people to afford; hence the sick don’t seek medical assistance at all. As a result, more people are dyeing of common aliments.

We decided to tackle this problem because during the “Active Citizens” workshop we realised that we have to find a solution to our problems ourselves. No one else is going to come and help. We need to do self-help.

Therefore, my group members and I decided to form a health clinic where people can get check-ups, treatments, advices and medicines for free. I discussed the idea with my parents and they allowed me to go ahead with it.
My friends and I then found a space where we could open a free health clinic.

We asked our doctor friends to help in the health clinic explaining them the reasons behind starting this project. They happily agreed to help around in the evening.

Till date, we have three doctors and a friend who is doing medicine working for the health clinic for free. We’ve treated many patients of our local community for various aliments.

We plan to have this health up and running for a year at least.

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