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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Teaching textile skills

One of the finest ways to serve people is to teach them skills. The same enthusiasm motivated the textile designing students of iACT to share and teach their textile designing skills to the young and deserving girls. Hence, they contacted Darul Atfal (Girls Hostel, City District Government Karachi).

Permission was taken from the higher authorities for conducting such a session in the hostel. As a mentor and field expert, Miss Yasmeen Serwar, was engaged who helped the volunteers in designing the outline for the session and also in purchasing the material.

In total, 6 sessions were conducted during the months of December 2010 to February 2011. 3 sessions were on “how to tie and dye and techniques”, whereas 3 were on “silk painting and dying.” Fifteen girls participated in the training sessions along with 5 teachers and staff.

It was our pleasure to see the girls and CDGK interested, as Miss. Zarfeshan Arbab from community development department took special interest and visited the session several times.

By the end of the project, almost every girl was able to dye their dupattas, shirts, scarf’s and cushions covers. It was encouraging for the volunteers to see how quick the result of their hard work was in the form of young talent.
Several samples were put on display in the hostel and different dresses were also used by the girls in order to use it for themselves. We have asked the hostel authorities to provide them material time to time so they can continue their practice and if possible they can market their products later on.

Apart from 20 direct participants in this project, almost 50 people were part of it in different capacities (CDGK management, support staff of hostel, material purchasing, iACT management, girls’ families and friends in school). It was a great experience for the volunteers as well as they got the opportunity to teach for the first time.

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