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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Valentines Day Special…

Love’s in the air!! Big red stuffed hearts, vibrant red cards, roses are all breathing evidences. Accept it or not, but we all cooked up plans for this Valentine’s Day. And why shouldn’t we? After all, it’s an official day to “declare” our love for our beloveds.

Similarly, Hassan Vighio, a businessman from Hyderabad had always wished to celebrate this beautiful day in an extra ordinary way. He’s in love with Mother Nature. Yes- our very own Mother Nature…!! Unique, is the word that springs to my mind. While, beautiful lasses and lads occupied all our time on this Valentines, Hassan was busy caring for something that we’ve always taken for granted.

Hassan wanted to save the dieing Main Qasimabad Park; he wanted to plant more trees, seeds, spread awareness about the importance of family parks and with a conviction to bring a difference, he discussed his notions with friends - Mukhtiar Ali and Sindh Balcoh.

Together, they formed a group called “The Challengers”. Soon they were joined by more young people – Sindhu Baloch, Fozia Rustamani, Paras Rustamani, Farzana and Nazar Bajeer.

The Challengers woke unusually early on the Valentines Day. Bought seeds and tidied Main Qasimabad Park, Hyderabad where they planned to spend the entire day and afternoon sowing seeds. Just, 8 people in the entire district started cleaning the park while the onlookers probed with doubtful and questioning eyes.

“People thought we’re crazy to be doing all the cleaning up ourselves and that also of a public park, and when they got to know we plan to sow seeds and plants, they thought there’s surely some thing wrong with us! But it’s our (Active Citizens) duty to spread awareness about the importance of greenery and Mother Nature,” says, M.Hassan Vighio, the group leader.

The crowd watched in silence; eventually one passer-by gave a helping hand. Observing the spirit of volunteerism, more people joined, and in no time a huge crowd was cleaning the park and sowing seeds and plants.

Together, the crowd rescued the dieing park and sprayed new life into it. They sowed 1000 seeds and plants in Main Qasimabad Park and today when the seeds are budding, the park looks more beautiful.

Mother Nature is at her peak in the park. Qasimabad Park has become a great family hangout, where elders can relax; breathe fresh air while kids play. All of this is due to the sincere efforts of 8 young people who thought about the Nature and its serene characteristics.


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