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Monday, February 15, 2010

Books are now available in Braille. Find out how?

Young Karachiites are very thoughtful, indeed. Seeing, realizing and analyzing that blind people need a lot of support in reading and learning, they’ve set out to converting syllabus books into Braille.

Yes- A young group headed by Rashid Mehmood and his friends have embarked on this mission.

“We’ve started converting books into Braille so the blind can read easily without depending on any body. There aren’t any resources available for their assistance. Hence, we thought if books could be converted into Braille, it would be good for them,” Says Rashid Mehmood, whose vision is turning into a reality now.

Rashid started working a year back and has a team of 5 members; all of them are Braille transcribers, who have managed to transcribe the syllabi of Grade I and II. They have achieved a huge change in such a short period. Blind kids of I and II grade now have themselves Braille books and can read easily. They are now preparing themselves to undertake a huge task of transcribing up to 100 books!!! Now, that’s the voluntary spirit!

These are the young people who are passionate about working for their community people and are diligently working to provide them as many facilities as possible.

Let us know if you have helped your community in any way and we’ll put your story right here.

Good luck.


  1. Congrates to Mr.Rashid Mehmood and his team members ,who really put great efforts to convert books into Braille for blind people.
    Good keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ms. Tabassum Asghar (Karachi)

  2. It was a great journey that we passed in 5 days we learnt alot i am really thankful to Mr Farhan Abdullah both done a excelent job .

    After attending that secion i learnt hpw to be a Good Citizen and know my responcibilitioes about my area city country and my comuninty also

    Akeel Muhammad
    i-ACT Karachi

  3. hi
    i loved the concept ..
    i just had one question ....
    do we have enough teachers who can teach books in braille and are there any institutes where these students can learn ?

  4. Hey Ayesha,

    Just saw your post.

    No, we don't have many teachers who can teach Braille.

    There's an organisation called Pakistan Association Of Blind (PAB) where they teach Braille.

    Infact, Rashid and his team mates learnt Braille from there only. He's now making and providing hand-made Brailles to those blind people who wish to be educated.

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  6. My all wishes with them.............

  7. Looking for another Workshop with British Council

    Akeel Muhammad

  8. Braille readers is the ability to create smooth and even pressures when running one's fingers along the words.


  9. I am in need of some books in braille some body help me to find them in karachi

  10. Name of the books are mentioned below
    Social study and science of class 8. and. Computer science of class 9.. Sighted and braille books