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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let’s learn English Language...

“Learning English is very important. Most of the text books are in English. Plus, if you apply for a job, the first thing that they see is how fluent you are in English,” reflects Hajira Khan, a BBA student in Kinnaird College, who’s endeavoring to teach English Language.

Have you considered that, at times, all one needs is a bit of encouragement, a bit of guidance and a bit of appreciation to achieve even the most seemingly unachievable things?

It’s true, though!

Hajira Khan attended the Active Citizens workshop back in January 2010. She received a bit of encouragement, a bit of guidance and a bit of appreciation, and she has proven how one person can positively affect many lives around her.

She is teaching English as a second Language to 16 young children who can’t afford to join private schools or English Language classes. Hajira uses colorful English Grammar books, educational softwares, short stories and poems to familiarize the kids with English words and sentences.
She also relies on the best asset of all times- Speak in English- to help these kids improve their English!!

“I try using creative and fun-to-learning methods of learning English. I use YouTube clips to help them develop English speaking skills. It makes teaching fun and the best part is- kids love it!” Hajira says cheerfully, as she shows me the YouTube clips she’s collected.

Besides English, she is running art classes too, as kids love arts/drawing in school. The art classes take place thrice a month and her younger sister, Taalia helps around.

Teaching is not only Hajira’s passion but her mother’s as well. She helps Hajira plan her lessons and material for the class.

Hajira has launched her very own Newsletter, called “The Guardians” which contains all her latest activities, pictures and future ambitions. Taalia is the editor of it.

Wana know more about her English Teaching?

Visit her website: and connect with her!


  1. My God! Wonderful... She is the role model for our Youth.

    Programmes like Active Citizens can help the individuals to realise their skills and their roles in the development of our society. Keep up the good work British Council!