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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Day for “Women”

Let me ask you a question – How many of you celebrated this International Women’s day?

I see a couple of hands raised. Well, the international women’s day is an admirable dedication to the glory of women; a soul who has many beautiful images - as a mother, sister, daughter, wife and grandmother. This day was celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm in all the cosmopolitan cities, as well as, remote villages, tehsiles and rural communities of the country.

Pind Dadan Khan, is a tehsil in Northern Punjab. Our Active Citizens introduced the International Women’s Day to the villagers, and educated them about the "Glory of Women". The young group who is working with these humble villagers is called “AIM” (Active Involvement and Motivation).

Ubaid Malik, Farah, Arsalan, Zainish and Imran – are AIM.

“We want to help women of this village recognize their splendor and honor. They should be respected and appraised for their talents, hard work and sacrifices,” said Farah, who’s very hopeful that a change will come once these women realize their worth.

The International Women’s Day function started with the recitation of Holy Quran and Naats.

An interactive theatre was performed by the young people of Pind Dadan, which showed how women should stand up for their rights, not endure any domestic violence and should demand for the basic necessities of life.

“After theatre, we asked the women to display their handicrafts. I was surprised to see the kind of work these females had done. It was amazing. And it’s the only source of their household income,” said Ubaid Malik, showing me snaps of some of the most beautiful handicrafts.

AIM is doing a superb job, its spreading awareness about women justice- an information that’s much needed by the women in today’s world. It’s the first step toward women empowerment.

Not only this, AIM has also discussed with the local government about tehsil’s serious issues like water shortage, lack of education and garbage problem.

I wish them “all the very best” for their future good and noble activities.

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