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Thursday, March 18, 2010

“Crystal Future” are helping out in a school….

Four girls – Tooba, Deeba, Mina and Fatima have started helping slum kids who are studying in a government school.

What’s so special, I heard you say?

These girls are not just teachers, but “preachers” - of good morals, standards and principles of living a good life.

Tooba and her friends always got concerned about the slum kids whenever they saw them begging, working in garages, loitering on the roads or becoming maids/peons in rich homes. Without education, these kids didn’t have any where to go, apart from doing the kind of work they were already involved in.

They decided to something and together they formed "Crystal Future", a group devoted to help slum kids.

Crystal Future attended our Active Citizens Workshop and their mission, objectives and strategy got clearer. They had planned how they wanted to help.

There is a shattered school in Islamabad F 11 for the slum kids; it was constructed a long time back, it’s in a shabby condition now. The slum kids are “supposedly” studying there and the school administration is benevolent enough to provide them with the course books.

The school’s called “Baykah Saeeda". There are 32 students, taught by just one teacher.

Crystal Future started visiting Baykah Saeeda School regularly. They didn’t want to do the conventional teaching there. They wanted to focus more on the moral and religious development of these kids. Pupil are already taught from the books, but they aren’t taught morale values, how to be a good citizen, how to care for others and how to lead a quality life.

“We wanted to help the slum kids become good citizens. If they acquire education, it’ll be easier for them to earn a respectable living,” said Tooba when I asked why she volunteered spending time in the slum school.

“I have taken the responsibility to impart religious guidance to slum kids. They are young and need correct guidance about their religion. If they aren’t taught now, they would have wrong concepts about Islam forever. This could play havoc with their lives,” said Deeba.

Crystal Future involves kids in as many activities as possible that introduce them to every day basic concepts like hygiene, health care, table manners etc.

The voluntary work that these young girls are doing is to be applauded! They are striving to bring a change in the lives of these young kids who are yet to see and experience this world.
Check out more of their pictures!!! :)

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