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Monday, February 15, 2010

"Responsible Citizens becoming Responsible"

Garbage isn’t an uncommon sight around us. We see it every day - in our towns, shopping malls, parks - it’s every where. We don’t stop to ponder why is it lying there? Because, it isn’t ours! And even if it is, who cares?

As if we’d be put behind bars for “just” littering…

Well, a few young Pakistani’s do care. They do have a problem with trash lying at the last turning of the street. They do think it’s decent enough to use trash cans and not feel disgusted in cleaning up a dirtyville.

These young people are Murtaza K. Khwaja, Pawail A. Qaisar, Saif Hameed, Shoaib Ahmed and Umar Rashid- the founders of an organization led by young people called “Responsible Citizens”.

Responsible Citizens, who are based in Lahore, have made up their minds to clean the litter that’s scattered on the streets. They’re the pioneers to a project called “Take out the trash” which has been running since March 2009.

“The jams caused due to traffic rules violation, trash in the streets, majority of citizens living below the poverty line made us realize that it’s high time to take a stand,” says Murtaza K. Khwaja.

“How we work is very simple. We choose an area, bring our brooms and gloves and get started. We clean the litter and place bins in the place so people can make effective use of them. So far, we’ve worked in Main Market, Ghalib Market and Barkat Market. The local government and media supports us in cleaning the city, in fact encourage others to join in too,” said Saif Hameed, a young citizen, who has recently completed his LLB from University College London.

Why the Responsible Citizens are showing this responsibility - because they have a sense of ownership for their towns and neighborhood. They only wish that other local residents wake from their deep slumber too. They’re endeavoring to arouse the long lost feelings of love for one’s own city, streets and country.

They’re motto is to let the youth know that Pakistan’s success depends on them.

Note: The work that Responsible Citizens are doing is purely voluntary.


  1. Great!!!! Good Job!!!!
    Little drop of water, Little grains of sand,
    Make the might ocean and the pleasant land,
    Little deed of kindness, Little words of Love,
    Make our world an-edan, Like the heaven above..

    If we start working like that and do our little effort than we can change our community, change our envirnoment, change our nation.

    Rashid Mehmood, Karachi

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