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Monday, February 15, 2010

Projects you prepared in the workshop!!

Remember, you prepared projects during Learning Journey’s first stage?

There are over 900 young people- Just like you, in 13 districts (and increasing everyday!) across Pakistan who have come up with simple and innovative ideas for community projects during 34 workshops so far. Your projects are powerful enough to change people's lives forever. They will put authority in your hands and make you take charge of your future!!

We, at the British Council don’t just call them “projects”. We call them the “Social Action Projects (SAPs)”, because….

You are conceiving projects to improve your neighbourhood, towns and living styles by taking simple yet empowered actions to bring a Social Change!

Your friends across Pakistan have prepared some very interesting SAPs during the Learning Journey Workshops that revolve around the following themes:

Education awareness project for working child- A project from Lahore
Clean & Green Muzaffarabad - A project from Muzaffarabad
Mother and child health care centre - A project from Narrowal
Awareness on blood donation - A project from Abbottabad
Think green - A project from Multan
Transcribing syllabus books in Braille language - A project from Karachi
Counselling Sessions for Career Decisions – A project from Lahore
Smiling Angels in hospitals – A project from Islamabad
The Awakening – A project on environmental protection and HIV – AIDS prevention awareness rising in Islamabad
Silvering Lining: Infotainment for Orphanages – A project in Mirpur

You can prepare your SAPs around four very intriguing ideas that came up during the workshops. You can either join the young groups who are already running projects on these themes or form your own group and run a project around your chosen theme!

The themes are:

1) Take out the trash – a project by Zimidar Sheri
2) Think Green – A project by Jagoo Pakistan
3) Operation Education- A project by Zimidar Sheri
4) Simply, spread Learning Journey’s knowledge and turn people around into Active Citizens too!!


  1. it sounds great to know that alot of people are now working for the betterment of society.
    KEEP it up!
    Abubakar Subhani.

  2. Very nice work and quite impressive specially the project of Braille transcribing , Thumbs up guys! keep the spirits high !

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