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Monday, March 26, 2012

Working together for a greener city

Sonia is an Active citizen from Bahawalpur who felt the acute shortage of greenery in her city. She decided to start a Social Action Project in her community with an aim to get people from her community involved in working for a city with more trees, plants, and flowers.

Her group took their message to various schools of the area. Sonia holds the view that: “It is a teacher’s duty to spread awareness about the importance of plants to the students”. The group members talked to students and teachers about the importance of green spaces in cities.

Activities were also held in school gardens in which the group members demonstrated to the students and teachers how to plant and nurture different types of seeds and plants. Information about plants and their uses in day-to-day life was shared among the teachers and students. Questions by the participants were also answered by the group members.

In the words of Sonia’s group: “Our Social Action Project was a success and we think that we were able to achieve our goal – which was to make our little learners aware of the importance of growing and taking care of plants”.

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