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Friday, March 30, 2012

Trafficking in safety

The Peshawar based social action group ‘Shaoor’ is a traffic safety awareness group founded by Sapna Hayat who along with her friends attended the Active Citizens training at Dost Welfare Foundation.

Traffic safety was chosen by the group for their Social Action Project because they were deeply moved by the death of a guard who worked at their university, by a speeding car. Shaoor realised something needed to be done regarding the traffic of their city, Peshawar.

They launched an awareness campaign for which they designed and printed posters and stickers about traffic rules and road safety. These posters and stickers were printed in English, Urdu and the local language Pashto.

The group members visited bus stops and talked to the drivers and passengers about observing traffic laws and driving safely. They also visited various universities where they conducted workshop session as part of their awareness campaign.

An Indian organization helped Shaoor with their work shops and is still collaborating with them by sharing their experiences and ideas. Today Shaoor has 15 active members and100 volunteers.

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