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Monday, January 17, 2011

The problem of eve teasing in Mongla, upazilla in Bagerhat, Bangladesh

Eve-teasing is a term that most of the Bangladeshis are very well aware of. Eve teasing is the physical/verbal harassment of young girls by boys in public places and - you know that harassment leaves one feeling quite uncomfortable, physically as well as mentally.

Hence, the young Bangladeshis who had attended the Active Citizens workshop decided to tackle this problem, so that their younger brothers and sisters could lead their lives peacefully. They began a social awareness movement by first contacting their local upazilla (lowest tier of government administration) vice chairman and the local police authorities. They convinced them to help with the problem. Soon, the local authorities agreed to help these young participants and from there, the movement began picking up the momentum.

Young people held public awareness sessions, organised walks and streets shows and even went to the extent of identifying a few "eve-teasers" in localities, who were the actual problem makers. The Active Citizens organised mentoring sessions for them and explained them how teasing was devaluing their (eve teasers) credibility and how it was hurting the younger generations' personalities.

A very interesting and successful thing that happened after the mentoring sessions was: many eve teasers returned to the young Active Citizens and confessed that they have realised the negative side of teasing and that they won't be doing it again.

Our Active Citizens in Bangladesh have succeed in bringing about a positive social change. What are you doing to help your communities?


  1. awsm...........
    we should take sum step for start movement against eve teasin
    If u also want to part of it