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Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's light up the streets.

The Active Citizens workshop in Gari Taj Mohammad, Peshawar, were attended by more than 35 young people, some of whom were electricians by profession. The workshop motivated them to work for their communities and bring a positive social change. Hence, they decided to use their skills as electricians and replace the street lights on the streets that are most frequently used.

The skillful Active Citizens identified the areas where street lights were broken and started collecting the money to purchase new street lights. They began replacing the broken street lights with the new ones and the communities where they had done so began experiencing a positive change. The pedestrians found it easier walking along the streets, the crime rate decreased, enhancing the ambiance of the community.

The community members thanked this young group of electrician Active Citizens for their initiative and efforts. They had seen that the efforts of a handful motivated citizens had brought a positive change. Their perceptions changed about working for the welfare of community people.

The next step that these motivated young people are planning on taking is cascading the content of Active Citizens workshop to their electrician colleagues in the nearby vicinities. They want the spirit of Active Citizens to spread out and far.

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