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Thursday, August 19, 2010

STEP establishs a Support Centre for Flood Victims

Persons with disabilities are the last to be rescued in any disaster, and you know that disasters lead to disability. Problems of the disabled people during disaster situations deserve a prominent place in the humanitarian work. Reduced mobility means lesser visibility, lesser access and lesser voice. In simple language - this means lesser survival chances.

The Special Talent Exchange Programme (STEP has established an Information and Support Centre for the flood affected people across Pakistan.

The Support Centre will:

 Identify disabled people in the flood affected areas
 Ensure accessibility of sanitation and food distribution in shelters
 Re-linking displaced disabled persons with their families

This Information Support Centre is working 24/7.

Please contact STEP for any information about flood victims on the following addresses:

Telephone: +92-51-2111331

SMS (Text): +92-(0)308-5004569


Your response in any form would be of high value!

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