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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I’m helping, are you?

Hey, I’m Faisal Idress from Jagoo Pakistan. Jagoo Pakistan is a youth group based in Multan and we work for the welfare of our local communities.

You know our country’s hit by the worst floods ever. We’ve established medical and rehabilitation camps at Muzzafargrah, Charsaddah and Rajanpur to help the flood victims. The situation isn’t very good, I’m afraid.

These desolate people are going through extreme hard times. I was introduced to a woman who has lost her husband and two daughters in the flood. She’s sheltering in our camps with nine daughters – all relatively young.

“How will I take care of nine daughters alone? I’m not even educated to earn my living,” she said, tears flowing down her cheeks.

I met young girls who hadn’t eaten for days, their mothers were missing and had no where to go. We saved three such girls and have asked Edhi to take care of them until we find their mothers.

We’re arranging food, clothes and water for the victims. Cooking food is tough, but it gives me immense comfort to know I’m saving some one from starving.

We need to wake up, we need to unite and we need to take care of our country before it’s too late. Flood victims need our help, if you can’t donate money, food and clothes – you can at least remember them in your prayers.
Even that would be a great help from you!

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