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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Social Action Projects Certificate Distribution Ceremony

The Social Action Project Certificate Distribution Ceremony was held in the afternoon of Wednesday, 28 April. Dr M. Shah, Minister of Sports and Mr. Shoaib Siddiqui, Secretary Youth and Sports were the Chief Guests of the event.

We organised this certificate distribution ceremony to praise and acknowledge the hard work and efforts of young people who were bringing a positive change in the communities of Karachi and Hyderabad.

We presented them with a "Certificate of Appreciation" which encouraged these youngsters to keep up their spirits of community work.
All the youth groups had set up and decorated stalls showcasing their project work, reports, pictures, souvenirs and videos.

Mr.Shoaib Siddiqui personally visited each stall and boosted the morale of the stall owners. “The efforts of young people are very inspiring, motivating and productive. I refer to British Council’s Next Generation Report every time I devise a strategy for the youth, trying to make good use of this very rich and abundant resource. My department is striving to utilize this “opportunity window” for the benefit of this country and I can see that the British Council is already doing it very successfully,” he expressed while commending our efforts.


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