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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Parking Awareness!

In the backdrop of narrow roads, in between the main city market Chawkswari Bazar Mirpur, commuters on vehicles are seen parking at “No Parking” area and in front of the doors. Reckless driving and bad behaviour on behalf of the drivers have also caused loss of precious lives and property. This also creates many traffic jams at the main artery of the city which causes wastage of time for other commuters and also results in congestion to the main city centre.

We have all seen it and at some point in time also been party to it.

A group of 7 people realised this problem and decided to help their community men. The group had attended Active Citizens workshops and started a project on creating awareness about traffic rules via walks, posters and open discussions with the passerbys about do's and dont's of driving/biking/cycling and parking.
They also empahsised on the effective use of sign boards and their significance for smooth and safe travel on the streets. The group took the project a step forward by working with traffic police, shop owners and associations of the various markets along with business community.

They endeavour to clear the major artery of the city’s main market, which will not only allow increased flow of shoppers (improving buying power) but also provide safe and uninterrupted commute for passengers.

Although still in its infant stage, since the project was conceived a mere 2 months ago, the group has managed to create considerable contacts for future endeavours; for example an agreement with a shop owner to build a proper parking plaza nearby. These contacts will go a long way to help sustain this campaign; and in turn increase participation by members of the community like youth, drivers, transporters and concerned shops.

Sustainability of the project is also being funnelled through keeping police officials updated in regards to enforcing traffic laws and streamlining the driving license procedure. This will help generate awareness of proper parking among the masses with proper monitoring, and help in measuring the success of the project.

The group has also been able to generate enough funds to finance arrangements and preparations for banners, organizing walks and holding meetings (travel and equipment costs) by themselves.

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