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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ragged School in Gulberg II, Lahore

Narrated by Aneel Munir Khokhar:

Our youth group is called “Quaid’s Warriors”. It consists of five members, who are very cooperative and hard working. We all believe in sincerely serving our nation and helping the under privileged citizens. We want to bring a change in Pakistan, we know this is a big challenge but we’re ready to accept this challenge.

Our social action project is to provide educational facilities to the children who are haven’t been to school ever because of financial crisis or due to disability.

We suggested opening a school in one of our member’s house so the students can be comfortable and the parents wouldn’t have any objections sending their children to a teacher’s house.

We are running this school since November last year. We teach children two days in a week for one and half hour. So far, we’ve had 13 students in our home-based school who are polishing their reading and writing skills and are enhancing their global awareness, knowledge about other cultures and traditions.

The students belong to very poor families and some of their parents are even drug addict. Students are very talented and are interested to gain education. We teach the following content to our students:

Education and Global Awareness:

Education has become the basic necessity of life. Through education we can create global awareness which can help us in making this world better place to live.

Basic Education:

It is now very important for every person in the world to get education. Basic education includes the skills of reading and writing. A person should be enough educated to read the basic and normal things in a daily life. And also be able to write at least his name.

Creative Ability:

Every normal person in this world is blessed with a brain which enables to think and understand. The creative abilities are already present in a person. Education will enhance the creative ability of the students by forcing them to think.

Knowledge and Etiquettes:

There’s a saying “Education is the key to success”. Education gives knowledge regarding anything in and outside the world - Universe. Education teaches etiquettes which are very important to groom one’s personality.


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